Patriot M127-18 Gantry Saw

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  • Touch Screen Control
  • Hand held control pendant
  • Laser alignment guide
  • Auto-cut sequence
  • Travel speed read-out
  • Automatic water shut-off valve
  • Aluminum blade safety guard
  • Hydraulic controlled tilt table
  • Tilt table controlled remotely
  • Motor amp reading displays on touch screen

Take your stone fabrication company to the next level of production!

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How does doubling your profit sound? Perhaps triple? The easiest way to making more money is to increase the number of jobs your shop can do. The Patriot M127-18 Gantry Saw reduces the time needed to cut slabs along with reducing labor costs for cutting slabs. Makes cutting countertops and vanities a breeze. The Patriot M127-18 Gantry Saw is designed and built in the United States. The Patriot M127-18 Gantry Saw has a touch screen control with easy to read display. Powerful 10-15hp motor cuts through stone with ease. A laser alignment guide makes setting up cuts easier and faster.